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What did the cheese say to itself in the mirror? ….. Halloumi!!!

Welcome to Clark’s Kitchen.

Street food traders, Established in 2017. The concept came to fruition over a few beers on a sunny day on Bournemouth beach.

Having visited London and falling in love with Halloumi fries, our main man Clark found no one locally was offering the squeaky cheese snack and thus Clark’s kitchen was launched. Our mission to satisfy cheese lovers across the UK and treat them with a truly squeaky cheese experience!

You may catch Clark’s Kitchen at Street food events across the UK.


Keeping it Green

Here at Clark’s Kitchen we aim to ensure all products and packaging used are recyclable, biodegradable and do not contain anything toxic to the surrounding environment.

Vegetarian & Vegan

Primarily we are a vegetarian caterer specialising in Halloumi cheese – Yes, the cheese provided to us from the Cypriot Gods. However in 2019 we shall be launching our vegan menu. All our vegetarian / vegan equipment is kept separate from anything used in connection with meat or poultry.

 Catering for Carnivores

At request we will cater for customers who require meat dishes. We work in partnership with other caterers & suppliers, and can provide anything from gourmet burgers, wraps and traditional hog roast.

Local suppliers

We use locally sourced award winning Halloumi & aim to serve locally produced ingredients and have built a good relationship with local suppliers here in Dorset.

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Please find our contact details below:

Tel:  07846 188 814

Email:  clarkskitchen@hotmail.com

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